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WTDN: I am the "Woman Of The Hour" with Jane Lythell

What Tracey Did Next...Posted by WTDN Fri, December 01, 2017 21:34:07
Yes, this is me and, on the wonderful blog by Author, Jane Lythell, I am the Woman of the Hour. Rather an honour (thank you, Jane).
If you would like to find out a bit more about me and which questions Jane asked me, just click on my ugly mug, below!

Tracey Edges (me!)

I think that I first connected with Jane via Twitter. At the time Jane was using the name Chloe Greene to provide some anonymity to her blog writing. Jane explains the reasons, in full, on her blog.

Jane has had a very interesting career, working in television (for TV-AM) and then as the first female chief executive of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). Jane also headed up the Radio & TV Unit at the Foreign Office. She is now a full time Author.
From thoroughly enjoying Jane's blog posts from the instalment-story, set in the 1980's; The Chronicles of Chloe Greene, to her numerous travel posts, I have since read all of her 4 published novels. The first two, The Lie Of You and After The Storm are slow-burn, psychological thrillers and the second two, The Woman of the Hour and Behind Her Back are set in the heady world of television - a world that Jane knows all too well - for good or for bad!

You can find Jane's blog by clicking on Jane herself (below) and my interview by clicking on me (above).

Jane Lythell (Author)

Jane Lythell's books (all well worth a read) can be found by clicking HERE
(If out of the UK search your local Amazon)

My review of Behind Her Back by Jane Lythell can be found HERE (you may have to scroll down a few posts!)

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